Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Toys Organisation

Dear blogfriends,

With a toddler at home and no playroom, the living room is usually swamped with toys, childrens books, puzzles and so on.

Until recently "Anouk's corner" looked like this :

The playpen was still there, even if anouk wasn't using it since months (mainly since she's been walking).

Changes needed to come since Anouk received a brand new kitchen from her auntie. (By the way, I think her kitchen looks much better than mine.)

So I went inspiration scouting on Pinterest.

Credit : The Avarice

Credit : Mommy Poppins

I am usually not a big fan of the Ikea Expedit shelve, but I have to say that it is perfect of organising toys. I first wanted to have a 8-boxes one (like on the first look), but we needed space for the play kitchen.

So here is how it turned out :

It is still very busy, but much more organised. It adds a bit of color and life in our living room and I like the design of most of Anouk's toys so it's ok to display them.

The big question mark is where will be installing the playpen when the second baby'll arrive!

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