Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn Link Party : My Fall Vignette

Layla, Rhoda, Kate and Sarah had the lovely idea to hold a fall link party... 

My house is quite upside-down right now as we are sleeping in the living room during the works for the built-in closet... but I wanted to participate!

I wanted to start with thing I already had and I wanted to keep it very simple.

I was very inspired by Nina's lovely vignette.
Credit : Stilizimo

Some flowers, a simple color palette and some candles....

As my sedums are still alive (!), I choosed the following color palette :

Credit : Design Seeds

I swiched the blue cushions with soft grey and brown cushions, laid down the ikea sheep skin, added candles, a vase of chestnuts and displayed my Berger lamp for a nice smell.

Not super sophisticated,  but a cozy place to have coffee and read a book.

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