Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hollywood Regency Week : An Intro...

Dear blogfriends,

This week, I'd like to speak about a style that is a bit out of my comfort zone.
You know I love Scandinavian interiors : minimal, bright white, quite, earthy, with wood and natural textiles...

Well, this week I'll speak about Hollywood Regency which is pretty much the opposite : dramatic, with high color contrasts, luxurious, using upholstered or lacquered furniture, very rich textiles and mixing bold patterns.

Even if it is so different of what I use to show, I love this style and I'm sure somehow inspired by it.

The Hollywood Regency style originated in the golden age of Hollywood, as seen in the movies of the 1930's. I found a quite exhaustive post about the Hollywood Regency style on the very interesting blog Decor to Adore. Check it here. The author highlights the fact that those beautiful decor "provided a brief respite to an audience facing the bleak depression that gripped most of the nation".

This is an example of a traditional Hollywood Regency bedroom (although it could have been more colorful).

Credit : Home and Garden

Yes, of course, it is a bit too much for me.
But you have some key element of the Hollywood Regency Style : upholstered furniture, diamond tufting, campaigners, brass, velvet, the bench...

You'd probably like this one better... which is more-up-to date :

Credit : ??? somewhere on Pinterest

The key elements are : the curtains (with the pelmet), the hot purple campaigner and, of course, the golden bergere upholstered with animal print fabric.

I like this one too :

Credit : House Beautiful

The key elements? The tufted sofa, the mirror coffee table, the chinoiserie Ottoman, the bold patterns.
So this week, if you'd like, we'll speak further about that very glamourous style... and we'll pretend we are Jean Harlow.

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